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Deadtale Online: Hide & Escape


14 May 2017


4.0.3 and up


■■■■■ Introduction to the game ■■■■■

You can play sans, Papyrus, and Temmie yourself online.

1. Original character perfect implementation! You can move and select sans and Temmie directly.
2. Easy operation, easy to play game! Try it out with your friends!
3. Various game modes full of tension for free!
* VS sans: Perfectly reproduce the Sands battle on mobile! Live with up to 4 players!
* Underground Escape: I’m stuck in the basement! Repair the generator and get out quickly!
* Team bombs: Bomb the obstacles to get items and knock out opponents!
* Bastard Root: Collect 7 hearts to kill the enemy!
* Umbrella Mode: Do not take the umbrella of the water pool! Win your umbrella and win!

■ Features ■

* Various versions of the immoral tale, exorcism tale appeared!
* Chat with players from all over the world in the square and have fun.
* We will add various modes in the future.
* Get up to 6 people and enjoy real-time escape! Deadtale online !
* Multiplayer game story based on Deeper under ground.

(This game was inspired by Undertale and created :D)

Join us! More friends, More fun!
Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/392692487738541/

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